Nonnahs Marketing is Not a One-Woman Band

We are an amazing team of creative grinders with one overarching goal in mind, to increase your revenues using your social media platforms.

Chief Marketing Strategist: Shannon Gilpin is the creative visionary of the team. Some people are born creative, others develop it. Shannon was born creative and spent years developing these skills. Shannon oversees all of the branding, rebranding, vision, voice, posts, photography, and visual content of the clients and customers of

Shannon is graduating with a Bachelors in Digital Marketing from the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. Prior to that she spent time in New York City interning for the Annie Leibovitz studio and has traveled the world developing her photography and artistic visionary skills.

Director of Operations: Moses Sanchez is the leader of the team. There are many parts to our organization, not just sales and finance but also communications, legal, software, hardware, applications, personnel, and the day-to-day operations of

Moses has led in the boardroom as a former President of the Tempe Union High School District Governing Board. Prior to that he led soldiers and sailors in COIN (Counter-Insurgency) Operations in Afghanistan.

Client Relationship Analyst: Kristi Jording is the bridge between the marketing and our clients. As the lead analyst she monitors and analyzes the monthly results of each client and creates custom reports to inform the clients how our marketing efforts are moving along. By communicating often with our customers, she plays an important part in strengthening loyalty.

Prior to managing monthly reports for customers at Nonnahs, Kristi was interacting with customers and analyzing reports and spreadsheets at Lexus of Chandler and BMW North Scottsdale.

Project Manager: Nonnahs has to constantly innovate to provide the best marketing for our customers. Innovation often means new processes or systems or methods, new products or services, even new ideas. In order to facilitate many of these innovations we have an amazing Project Manager in Bernadine Sadauskas.

Bernie has her Master’s in Clinical Research Management and is a Certified Research Administrator (CRA) with thousands of hours in projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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