What is Nonnahs Marketing? Part 2

Nonnahs is a strategic marketing company that specializes in social media marketing, branding and campaigns for companies, organizations and individuals. Many of our clients don’t have the time or expertise to promote their brand and business, so we do it for them.

Moses Sancez, Co-Founder  of Nonnahs Marketing

Moses Sancez, Co-Founder of Nonnahs Marketing

Do you create social media platforms from scratch? (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, G+ etc.)

Yes, but we include that in the time spent for our packages. Our smallest package is 4 hours of work so creating social media platforms from scratch, which happens often, just allocates time creating the profiles.

Do you use tools like Hoot Suite/buffer for scheduling, automatization, tracking?

We use tools but not Hoot Suite/buffer for scheduling. Some platforms make it more challenging to organize but in those circumstances we just log in and manually manage the account.

Do you use call tracking in social media per platform?


Facebook is the only one that allows us to use call tracking but that comes with additional costs that go directly from the client to Facebook. Many of our clients ask their customers directly where they learned about their company. This why we do not use a call tracking system.

What do you report to each client each month? (custom, or from platform like sprout social, Hoot Suite etc.)

Nonnahs customizes a monthly analysis for each client and sends this to the client via PDF. We found that customizing the analysis allows us to cater to the clients needs. Many of our clients don’t completely understand the analytics of each different platform so we customize the report for better understanding and our clients can then make the best strategic marketing plan.

What are the expectations set for each client?


Expectations are increasing name ID, branding within local communities in the platforms, increasing impressions for marketing purposes and in the end, driving new business to the client. We can’t guarantee more sales but we can guarantee an increase in their digital footprint.

Do you “buy followers” to inflate accounts or naturally grow?

NEVER. We increase followers by following local, relevant, real individuals and businesses. We do not follow bots, sexual industry followers or BUY followers. Most of the purchased followers are bots or fake accounts and will not increase impressions as they don’t see our posts. Likes on FB is different. There are not as many bot accounts on FB as there are on Twitter. If the client adds additional advertising dollars and wants to spend some on LIKES, we do so but most of our clients that use advertising dollars do so promoting a call button or their website, an email subscription, or a specific commercial message/video/ad.

Do you use trends (Instagram, twitter, Facebook) and keep up to date every day of the latest trending hashtag etc.?

Absolutely. That’s how you increase impressions 2x or 3x per standard account.

For more information or if you’d like to speak with someone about our services visit www.nonnahsmarketing.com

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