What is Success?

I received a message from my analyst a few nights ago, “22 shares and 42 Post Clicks,” with a screenshot of a post we did for our client. Further analysis showed that the impression count for this post was 1,372.

What’s significant about this?

It was a standard post with three lines of information, the phone number, the proper number of hashtags, and a link to his website with some graphics.

What’s significant is that it was all ORGANIC

We didn’t add any dollars to it, we didn’t boost it, nor did we create an entire campaign around it. It was as organic as organic can get.

How is this possible and can we replicate these results? The short answer is YES.

Experience matters: We’ve been working with this particular client for almost 3 years now and they are active in their personal social media networks. A personal active presence amplifies any promotion made for their company because their family and friends actively participate in their business’s social media marketing.

Consistency and being top of mind creates business opportunities. When people see something they feel their network can benefit from, whether it’s a sale, breaking news, or a call-to-action, they share it.

People don’t want to see spam, they want relevant consistent content that adds to their lives.

This is what we attempt to do for our clients on a daily basis.

Success for us is dependent on our clients being successful. Driving new business to the client by increasing their digital footprint means we are successful!

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Shannon GilpinComment