Actually, In Marketing, Good Customer Service Absolutely Matters!

Analytics matter. Metrics matter.

Customer Service Matters!

Customer Service Matters!

When our company first started, we analyzed and monitored metrics for our customers/clients and it was easy for us to pivot and adjust targeted marketing based on the metrics that were observed. Impressions, engagement rate, clicks, shares, likes, negative feedback, and twenty to thirty other metrics are observable on most of the social media platforms we manage.

The data is endless and often we make important marketing decisions for our clients to better service their marketing needs. Although this was a great service we realized there was something important missing in the ocean of data. Customer Service!

Sharing the mountains of data with our customers would often seem meaningless because there was little to no understanding of the specific metrics, so we developed a custom analysis report for each client. These reports consist of not just the metrics but our interpretation of those metrics. We don’t overwhelm our customers with data. We do our best to explain the infographics we use and what they mean.

It’s not always positive news either. Sometimes a client needs to know that on our end, marketing a specific product or service this past month was not as successful as the established product they promoted last month.

Sometimes a client needs to also know that our marketing company generated 5–7 solid leads this past month for them. Those leads not turning into closed sales is not necessarily a failure of our marketing strategy. Could we always improve our strategy? Absolutely, and it’s ongoing, innovative process for us. Bottom Line: Our customers know the good, the bad, and the ugly every month with an easy to understand custom analysis report.

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