Why do these dogs have more followers than you?


Today is National Dog Day 2017 and the dog pictures and content are out with the hashtag #NationalDogDay already trending on a Saturday morning.

Entrepreneur had an article this morning "Social Media Tips From 4 Dogs With More Followers Than You" and it got me thinking about the many free audits our company does for clients and the results from those audits. The tips from the article are spot on and if companies stuck to these tips they'd have a good following plus what they really want, engagement.

Their tips include: Be authentic. Enjoy what you're doing. Be consistent to keep folks engaged. Know who your audience is.

We audited a major chain of hair salons recently and they rejected many of the tips the dogs in the article offer. Some of their content wasn't authentic or could be something from any other hair salon. Their images lacked a consistent theme or direction. Their content was random and they'd go on storms of posting and then pause for periods. We couldn't figure who their target audience was.

In one of our networking groups we're constantly reminded to be "specific to be terrific" and that holds true when targeting an audience.

Bottom Line: The Dogs Are Spot On!