Google is fighting the bots for you?

This is great news for the PPC/SEO companies and their clients!


Our digital marketing company does not handle PPC on Google or SEO but we partner up with some pretty amazing companies that do and this is just a question that gets asked repeatedly.

How do you deal with bots that look at your PPC ad or worse, accidental clicks?

It may not be a serious issue when you’re dealing with a client who’s PPC is in the teens with an ad account of $250-$400 a month but it can become an issue when your client has a PPC in the hundreds and an ad account of $5,000-$10,000 a month.

At that rate you are bound to leak dollars here and there and with Google forgiven a portion to accidental clicks, I’d say that’s pretty cool for a company that doesn’t need to do so. Now the news is out that they’re cracking down on the bots as well?

Here is the article on Fortune.

That’s great news for my buds in the digital marketing universe and consumers.