Facebook Advertising Dollars At Stake!

There’s more to #FakeNews than just political issues at stake.


As a business owner who lives in the digital marketing world, I see the way fake news, stories, reviews, blogs and articles impact the business community. Often the same tools used in the business community are turned around and used in the political world and/or visa-versa.

The world may have woken up to it during the 2016 election cycle but the business community has been dealing with it long before that. It’s how marketers leveraged blogs, SEO, PR stunts or what some called artificial news.

One challenge Facebook faced was cracking down on this but the way they decided to do it isn’t unique. As a matter of fact, Google had already done this but they called it a change in their algorithms.

Now Facebook is going after advertising dollars?

Here's the article from the Facebook Newsroom.

We love it!

There are challenges ahead and many unanswered questions as to what third-party systems will decide real from fake but I applaud them for at least taking steps in the right direction.