5 Ways to Turn Your Sunday into Your Best Asset

Let's be honest, the Sunday Scaries are a real thing and the last thing you want to do on Sunday is laundry, errands, and fretting about the week ahead. Rather than succumb to the stress and find yourself totally paralyzed, you should use the time to turn your week around. We say don’t let Monday ruin the weekend’s arguably most important day! Instead, follow these tactics for transforming your Sunday into a productive asset for your upcoming week.

Play Catch Up

The most successful people are always learning and using their curiosity and thirst for knowledge as tools for growth and evolution. Seeking out these extracurricular sources of knowledge can be challenging during the week. So, if you find yourself keeping tabs open on your browser all week with the intention of reading them, or have a a new book or podcast you can’t seem to keep up with once Monday rolls around, set aside a little time on Sundays to do a little light “homework.” Reading and/or watching things not directly related to your work serves as ripe inspiration for new ideas or solutions for the best thinkers and innovators.

Get Your Exercise On

A little burst of endorphins goes a long way. Exercise—whether it’s a seriously challenging boot camp or barre class, a brisk walk, or a sunset hike—also has the magical power to make that decadent Sunday brunch feel a little less guilt-inducing. The best practice here is to adopt a Sunday night exercise regimen and choose something you actually enjoy.

Stock Up

For people with busy weekday schedules, it can be difficult to find time to run the errands that are important for living happily and healthily throughout the week. On Sunday, take a look in your refrigerator and make sure you have the fruits and veggies you’ll want. Low on garbage bags or laundry detergent? Pick these things up on Sunday. Starting out the week with your household & kitchen needs ready to go will make focusing on the days ahead a breeze.

Tidy Up

Successful people are also, more often than not, busy people. If you find it difficult to stay on top of household chores throughout the week, Sunday is your time to do it. Throw dish towels into the wash, run the dishwasher, fold and put away your laundry, and freshen your linens. Do a super-quick cleanup to ensure you’re starting your week off on a nice, clean slate. Knowing where your favourite shirt is will make your week feel much less scattered, we promise.

Treat Yourself

Self care is the most important factor to keep you going throughout the week. A self-care Sunday doesn't need to involve an hour-long massage followed by yoga and a bubble bath (unless you want it to, of course). You can take a walk, write in a journal, give some love to your skin, or completely unplug from your technology to name a few ways. True self-care can be easy, time efficient, and reservation-free. But most importantly, it can leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the new week.