The Top 5 SEO Tools to Increase Your Presence

SEO can be difficult to even understand, let alone master. Besides hiring an SEO expert, here are a few tools you can use to grow your SEO presence and increase your rank on search engine results!

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

Google Webmaster Tools can be overwhelming at first, but allows you to look at a few very important insights that determine where Google will rank your website. 

Search Analytics: 
Shows your current rankings for different pages, keywords, and device types.
Backlinks to Your Website: 
Shows a fraction of other websites linking to your website. It’s good to see who is mentioning you & thank them or check in to manage your backlink pages. 
Mobile Friendly: 
Will tell you if there are any intruding errors when your website is viewed from a mobile device. Your website must be responsive & mobile-friendly as over 60% of search traffic now comes from smartphones. Google also automatically lowers your rank on search engine results if your website is not compatible with smartphone devices. 
Blocked Resource:
Indicates if Google cannot access some pages of your website. This is important if one of your pages is down, you can immediately fix it. 
Security Issues:
Shows if your blog was hacked or infected with malware. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics will allow you to look at what type of audience is engaging with your content. It is simple to analyze this information & understand it to benefit yourself and/or your company. You can look at:

  • Demographics & interests
  • Location
  • How readers navigate your website (User Flow tab)
  • What browsers & gadgets they use (Mobile vs. Desktop, Safari vs. Chrome)
  • How engaged they are

Social Media Outlets (Twitter, Google+, Youtube)

Social outlets like Google+ and Youtube are owned by Google, therefore if you have an account with content on those platforms it will take precedence over similar content not shared on there. Similarly, Twitter has an exclusive contract with Google and when you search individuals or topics many times their Twitter account will appear within the first few searches. 

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Keyword Tools

Optimizing your content based on certain keywords is the best way to make your website rank higher in search results. Yet, discovering those relevant keywords can be tricky. The web-based Keyword Tool will give you plenty of additional ideas & show how frequently different keywords are searched for and how competitive they are.

Google Pagespeed Insights

People & now apparently search engines will not tolerate slow websites. Individuals want information immediately and search engines want to give it to them. Google Pagespeed will show you how well your blog performs in terms of speed on desktop and mobile devices, scoring it on a 0 to 100 scale, and suggests possible optimization steps like optimizing image size, duplicated CSS/HTML code, & improve browser caching.