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We all know by now that the name of the game on Instagram these days is engagement so let’s beef up one strategy that can help your posts be seen and engaged with: hashtags. The truth is, if you’re blindly using them right now or playing a guessing game each time you’re likely not getting that boost of engagement necessary to show up in the feeds of your dream clients and attract new people to your account. But I’m here to tell you everything you need to know to use hashtags to your advantage for your business.

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Working in a digital field can be hard because often times there is no defined work schedule. We believe it’s really important to create one for yourself. If you define what your week will look like, you’ll know what needs to be accomplished when.

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Despite being relatively new on the scene, IGTV is already making waves in the social media world. It was launched as Instagram’s first standalone video platform, IGTV gives businesses a new channel to grow their following, showcase their products, and show-off their creativity.

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