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creating your digital presence one like at a time.

nonnahs marketing specializes in creating a digital presence through photography, cinematography, design & social media marketing.



social media marketing



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meet our co-founders



Co-Founder, Nonnahs Marketing
Former Governing Board Member, Tempe Union High School District
Educator, South Mountain Community College

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Co-founder, Nonnahs Marketing
Portrait & editorial photography, Shannon Gilpin Photography
Digital Marketing, Arizona State University

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How do you price per platform?

Experience has given us a great time value for each platform. Some platforms are easier than others but they balance out in the end with the research involved. Our prices are industry based. Please contact us for more information on pricing based on your industry. 

How do manage each platform? (manual, automated, both)

Both but mostly manual. We use our own apps to allow us to automate and schedule on different platforms for good planning but we manually input the content. We don't automate posts because it doesn't serve our clients well. At the end of the day, ROI (measure of efficiency) is what matters NOT number of posts or faux articles. Branding is BIG for us, but foot traffic is what is most important.

How often do you post, engage, or keep active?

We find that 2-3 times a week is sufficient on most platforms. Some platforms are able to handle more posts without being spam but if you're posting on FB more than 3 times a week, you may lose Likes. Twitter and Instagram can post more often without suffering the same consequences. Our smallest package is twice per week.

Still have questions unanswered about what we do? Visit our full FAQ page. 

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